Vacuum Brazing of Titanium



Davis Scientific Treatments has been carrying out the vacuum brazing of titanium, in many special applications. We have developed equipment to overcome the substantial difficulties to be found in perfecting joints.

The brazing of Titanium alloys has been well researched for many years. It is widely used where the high strength to weight ratio is important, for example in aerospace applications, both aircraft and space vehicles. The excellent corrosion resistance of Titanium is an important factor in it's widespread engineering usage.

High fatigue strength, and fracture resistance, make Titanium alloys attractive in chemical and petroleum industries, as well as in automotive applications.

Titanium and it's alloys are often used in manufacture of heat exchangers, tanks, reactor vessels, and other chemical devices.

Jointing Titanium with other Materials

The major problem with Titanium is the difficulty, and high cost, of jointing with other materials.

Titanium will form brittle compounds with most other metals, if directly they are jointed by fusion welding, for example. Most common structural materials, which includes aluminium and ferrous alloys, are not compatible with fusion welding.

However, Titanium can be brazed to most steels, refractory metals, copper and aluminium, nickel alloys, ceramics, and polymer composites.

Brazing Alloys

Generally, there are a number of active braze alloys, which have been developed over a number of years; these improve strength, and corrosion resistance:

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