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Davis Scientific Treatments was formed in 1984, by Gordon Davis, who is an experienced qualified metallurgist. He founded the Company to specialise in heat treatment processes, using vacuum furnaces. For nearly 30, very successful years, the Company worked throughout aerospace, defence and industrial sectors.

On retirement in 2012, the Company was bought by 3 private individuals, each of whom has an extensive background in general engineering.

Since 2012, Davis Scientific Treatments [DST] has developed many new contacts within the aerospace, defence, and general engineering industries.

DST has purpose built 2 new vacuum furnaces, and currently have in manufacture a larger one, to process larger components batch sizes, capacity 780 mm dia by 800 mm length.

DST also has a custom built furnace to handle aluminium heat treatment and brazing aplications, a rare service in UK, where the capacity is 45 W by 45 H by 800 length.

These furnaces add to our current capacity, which includes tempering ovens, and cold stabilisation facilities.

DST is a small company, so we are pleased to specialise in following:

In addition, DST has a dedicated process computer system, that allows the following:


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