Electron Beam Welding


Davis Scientific Treatments has taken advantage of considerable knowledge, within the Company, to expand its offered services.

We have purchaed an Electron Beam Welder machine (EBW). This is capable of weld jointing small components, having a vacuum chamber of a 300 mm cube.

This new facility augments our existing heat treatment and braze jointing processes, and allows a greater diversity of applications that we can service.

Principles of EBW

The process uses kinetic energy of electrons to produce heat. This heat can be used, for example, to weld 2 plates together.

As the beam of electrons strikes the joint between 2 components, the heat energy is sufficient to locally fuse two metal parts together, thus forming the weld joint.

The high speed electrons beam is tightly focussed, using magnetic fields, on the joint area between the parts. Typically the beam spot is about 0.2 mm in diameter.

EBW is performed in a vacuum, necessary to maintain beam focus. There are no impurities left by the process, and oxides and nitrides are eliminated. Any other impurities are vaporised.

Being a vacuum process, and using high voltages, the process is automated, using a computer control system. Often specialised fixtures are used inside the chamber, for location and manipulation of workpieces. Usually these are made from non-magnetic materials, to avoid any distortion of the focussing of the electron beam.

Factors Governing EBW Applications

Industries using EBW Processes

EBW Process Advantages

EBW Process Disadvantages


Here at Davis Scientific Treatments, we are able to provide this Electron Beam Welding service.. As described above, there are many projects, where this operation is highly suitable as a workpiece jointing solution.

Please contact us, whether your project is a production one, or even if you are in R & D stage, looking for methods to move your project forwards. At least we will be able to give you some feedback on our capabilities, to maybe solve your particular problems.

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