Aluminum Brazing Vacuum Furnace


At Davis Scientific Treatments [DST], the vacuum furnaces are designed to overcome the historical difficulties of brazing aluminium components.

Modern brazing techniques enable the production of consistently high quality joints in engineering assemblies. Often the joint strength obtained is superior to joints achieved with other methods. Sometimes they cannot be made by other means.

One of the keys to aluminium brazing success lies in the construction of the furnace, where fluxless brazing of aluminium components is performed in a very high vacuum environment.

It is important to achieve high repeatability of conditions throughout the brazing cycle. The furnaces at DST are manufactured to produce an accurate temperature profile, including its distribution through the furnace interior.

The leakage of vacuum during the process is tightly controlled, to reduce and minimise all losses.

Therefore, we are able at DST to consistently deliver very clean and high strength assemblies, in aluminium and its alloys.

The photograph shows a furnace at DST, which is used specifically for brazing of aluminium components. The furnace was built by ourselves, using the knowledge we have gained from producing various assemblies in aluminium. We understand from our feedback that there are not many such furnaces in UK.

The capacity is 450 mm by 450 mm, with available length up to 1000 mm. We are working towards manufacture of larger capacity furnaces.

Please contact us if you have any project or assemblies which need some brazing, either for advice, or of course for manufacture.


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